Retire and Start Again

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Life expectancy is rising. If you are reaching retirement and married in your twenties, back in those days retirement age was seen as the final years. Things have changed, many people have two decades still to live when they retire these days and that is time that should be spent positively.  It is not always easy to adjust to retirement and sometimes life has other shocks in store, some of them not very pleasant.

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If you are a lady who has been left by your husband for a younger woman it will certainly be a blow to your confidence. It will take time for you to recover but recover you will. When you do and if you want to look for a new special friend yourself, you could do worse than to look online at a website that specialises in introducing senior singles to each other.

You can expect a completely confidential and discreet service where you can simply start by corresponding via email and take things no further if you wish. While you will have given your address and telephone number when you registered, those details will not be divulged to anyone else, even someone who you may have been in touch with for months via email. There will be no unwelcome knocks on the door or telephone calls.

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The Internet allows people to find out more information on every imaginable subject. Websites are informative; they have to be or visitors to the site will go elsewhere.  It means that you get to find out sufficient information to help you decide about whether to actually make contact or not. Even if you do and have your questions answered you do not have to act or commit to anything.

In the case of a senior dating website it is important to remember that an increasing number of people are living alone and that includes people across all age groups. The first steps to entering a new relationship are not easy, especially for someone who may have been married for most of their adult life. However many of the other singles on this type of website are likely to be in the same position as yourself.


One of the factors that may make you reluctant to sign up is the reaction of family and friends. Frankly, you do not have to tell them initially and perhaps not at all, unless you progress into having someone you feel they should meet.

That may be a long way off and you will have time to think about it if it happens. In the meantime you can simply register and let things evolve. When you post a profile others will see it and perhaps get in touch. When you have had a chance to get used to being a member perhaps you will make an approach yourself.

Dating for seniors who are looking for new partners may not have any guarantees, but a website will certainly provide an excellent chance for meeting new people. Internet websites that specialise are a magnet for people targeting a particular subject. A new friend is no exception.

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